Volunteer for WordCamp


Everyone knows that it takes the hard work of some great volunteers to make any event a success. So the organizing team is looking for some great people to lend a hand with WordCamp Calgary 2016.

Our Ask – We ask for a time commitment of a minimum of two half-day sessions. Please select the two (or more!) sessions that you’re willing and able to help out. Volunteer duties range from helping attendees get registered upon arrival, operating video cameras to record sessions, helping to point attendees where they need to go, along with set-up and tear-down. We’ll be happy to try to put you on tasks you most want to do, but we can’t guarantee any specific ones in advance.

What You Get – You’ll get a full weekend pass, along with all of the benefits that any paying attendee gets (lunch on Saturday, etc.). During your two half-day commitments, you may even still get to sit in on sessions, depending on what duties you’re managing. You will also get shout outs from the organizers, along with our deep gratitude.

Express Your Interest & Get Involved