Call for Proposals

Do you work with WordPress as a developer, designer, marketer, blogger, journalist or activist?

Do run your business on WordPress or has WordPress changed your life?

However you Make WordPress Sing, we’d like to hear it!

Share your tips, tricks or techniques, with a room full of eager Calgarians, ready to learn. Tell us why you do the things you do, and what makes you passionate about building your online presence. Do you have your own “best practices” and why are they “best”?

Share Your Story at WordCamp YYC 2016

In exchange for your brave contribution, you’ll get the warm and fuzzy satisfaction of knowing that you helped grow the YYC WordPress community; your talk will be published on, and you’ll be invited to our annual Speaker Appreciation Dinner.

Ready to rock out with your laptop out?

Just fill out the form below and one of our team members will be in touch with you shortly. If you’d like to propose multiple topics, please submit the form multiple times – once for each topic.  Only one topic per speaker will be chosen.  If you need ideas for a talk, we’ve got lots that have been requested by members of our Meetup group – contact us.

Please note:
Your talk should educate or enlighten the community, or both, way more than it promotes your products or company.  Don’t worry, our attendees are very observant and if they love your talk, you’ll get plenty of tweets, likes and other forms of digital love that will increase your online exposure.

Your talk should also embody the values of WordPress.

That means…

Our community is inclusive, welcoming, and positive. If you would like to recommend one product over another in your talk, that’s fine. But we ask that you frame your recommendations as, “I’ve found that (product X) enabled me to do (this awesome thing) and (product Y) was limiting (in the following ways)… Product Y is not a bad product, it just wasn’t right for your purposes.

And we do have a code of conduct. In short: Be kind.

GPL Code Only

We are all about the GPL. We probably all use tools that aren’t GPL. (Photoshop, for instance.) When we speak at WordCamps, the themes and plugins we recommend from the stage need to explicitly embrace the General Public License. If you’ve got a question about GPL, just ask!



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