Sponsor Profile – SAIT


We are so pleased and grateful to have such a prominent sponsor as SAIT behind us! As you may know, we actually held the last two WordCamps at SAIT, though due to some scheduling challenges, we had to relocate for this year. But we’re glad that they’ve still got our back by way of sponsorship.

If you’re reading this soon after it gets posts, you should know that next autumn’s New Media Production and Design class is taking applications until June 1.

What is NMPD? In their own words:

New Media Production and Design provides comprehensive training in multimedia skills. Students learn the tools and techniques used in web design and development, corporate presentations and communications, audio and music production, educational design, animation, simulation, game design, and many other specialties. The program emphasizes project-based, hands-on training, with students working in teams for assigned clients to produce comprehensive and useful media products.

Your Career
Graduates find employment in specialty new media production houses, agencies, corporate, educational or government organizations. Some develop their own freelance and small business opportunities. Work ranges from web design, corporate communication and digital signage to educational media, animation, simulation or game design.

New Media is all about the modern age and the ways in which people communicate digitally. And, as we are all about WordPress, we get it. And here’s a video that will tell you much more about the program. (Heads up! It features 2016 WordCamp Calgary speaker Dan Stephenson.)

If you’re about current tech, SAIT New Media Production and Design is all about you.