WordCamp Calgary 2016

Thank you for attending WordCamp 2015

Photo courtesy of Reginald Tiangha

WordCamp Calgary is dedicated to helping WordPress users grow their expertise of the platform and all that can be accomplished using it.

Scheduled for May 28 & 29 at Fort Calgary, this year’s conference will bring a variety of recognized experts within the Calgary WordPress Community to share their expertise on the power of WordPress. Our theme of Music will be showcased throughout the various events and sessions, but don’t fret! Information will be valuable to all, musician or not.

We have organized a variety of sessions, panels and work shops to push your WordPress web site to the best it can be. Network and learn from others within the local Calgary WordPress during this jam packed two day event that is sure to make you a better WordPress user by the day’s end. Saturday will resemble a classical WordCamp YYC day, with speaker sessions, panels, Q and A, etc. On Sunday, we’ll jazz it up with some new features, which you’ll hear about in the weeks ahead.

Session topics for all experience levels, including:

  • WordPress for Musicians
  • WordPress for Creatives
  • WordPress for Marketing Professionals
  • WordPress for Developers
  • WordPress for Bloggers